Arnas Anskaitis (1988, Kaunas)

Arnas Anskaitis is a new generation interdisciplinary artist. A. Ankstaitis’ works are hard to define and categorise, as they are very diverse and synthesise experiences from different areas including photography, film, sound art, philosophy and even linguistics. His works range from photography to installation and sound art and can be characterised by perceptiveness and (self-)reflection as well as analytical thinking, which sometimes even assumes scientific tone. The topics of A. Ankstaitis’ works often originate from “listening in” to the situation and the phenomenological viewpoint, which determines genuine consideration for the chosen medium and the topic of the work.

Arnas Anskaitis – 3D model / video projection – 2016

Arnas Anskaitis – yra – inscription in stone – 38,5 x 28 cm – 2011

Arnas Anskaitis – Simple Words – Installation at the Château d’Azay-le-Rideau France – 2013

Arnas Anskaitis – Simple Words – Installation & performance at the National Gallery of Art Vilnius – 2012

Arnas Anskaitis – The Traveler – Installation at Kaunas Central Post Office Kaunas – 2014 2016

Arnas Anskaitis – Svajūnas – Sound installation Svajūnas at Tadas Ivanauskas Museum of Zoology movie theater Kaunas – 2013