Arnas Anskaitis (1988, Kaunas)
Arnas Anskaitis is an interdisciplinary artist, in his works he synthesizes experiences from different areas including photography, film, sound art, philosophy and even linguistics. His new video installation Letters from Home reflects on the connections between language and perception: «Writing interests me not only in the context of language but also from the position of handwriting. How did letters of the alphabet emerge? It seems they were shaped by a human hand. What would letters look like, if they were written not on a flat sheet of paper, but in simulated three-dimensional space?» 3D models of cursive letters exhibited as video projections produce a stream of images. Literary and imaginary meaning overlap, with reference to the origin of writing itself, that is one of the fundamental elements of our human identity.

Letters from Home
video projection – 160×100 cm – 2018