Andrej Polukord (1990, Vilnius)

Is an artist based in Vienna and Vilnius. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and co-recipient of the 2016 Kunsthalle Prize Vienna, draws on painting, installation, performance, and video art to create unpredictable environments and absurd situations that produce double meanings and ambiguity: “What especially interests me is creating a feeling of surprise and unpredictability. Equally important to me are double meanings and ambiguities, which above all play a crucial role in my performances. The absurd liberates us from the seriousness that otherwise always sets the tone in our life. And performance should have a close relationship to life; that’s the only way to make it very emotional and understandable.”

Andrej Polukord – The Sarcophagus – 2016

Andrej Polukord – Vitamin Wellness – 2018

Andrej Plukord – Stump – 2014

Andrej Polukord – Woodstatue – 2018

Andrej Polukord – The Heart – 2017

Andrej Polukord – Private borders – 2018