Andrej Polukord (1990, Vilnius)
Andrej Polukord draws on painting, installation, performance, and video art to create unpredictable environments and absurd situations that produce double meanings and ambiguity: «What especially interests me is creating a feeling of surprise. The absurd liberates us from the seriousness that otherwise always sets the tone in our life.» In this case the artist uses a big wall printing, a video and a series of small ceramic sculptures – elements between natural and artificial – in order to elaborate, in an imaginative way, one of the “star” of the Lithuanian nature, the mushroom: a symbol of seeking and finding (as a surprise).

Höllen (caves)
digital video – 00:08:13 – 2016

Royal Mushroom (from the series “Woodobjects”)
installation wall printing – 500×285 cm – Labanoras forest, Lithuania – 2016
Photo: Marius Krivičius

Often, Very Often I Find Many Artificial Mushrooms:
1. A real ceramic mushroom 2. A real ceramic mushroom on a ceramic mushroom 3. A real ceramic mushroom on a ceramic mushroom on a ceramic mushroom – 2018